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Why resell Aquegel to your customers

About Aquegel

about Aquegel
  • Long Lasting Relief

  • Made in the USA

  • Medical Grade Ingredients

increase profits
  • High Margin

  • In-Store MSRP $7.99 

  • Average Markup 50%+ 

Increased Profits

Customer Support

quality customer support
  • Lowest Price = Businesses like yours

  • Highest Price = Online retail outlets

  • Buy Locally Map 

Become a Aquegel reseller

Thank you for your interest in offering Aquegel Nasal Gel products to your customers.

To apply for a new wholesale account in the U.S., please complete the form below.  

Most applications are reviewed and approved within 72 hours! 

​Things You'll Need:

  • 5 minutes of your time

  • Business Tax ID and contact info

  • Proof of Secretary of State Registration

  • Credit card and initial min. order of >$150


Aquegel’s odorless nasal gel provides water to soothe the most egregious nasal conditions such as dry-cracking nasal passages, dry nose, nosebleeds, chapped nose, and nasal irritation.

dry nose relief

You don't have to suffer from the drying effects of oxygen or CPAP. Aquegel's specially formulated no-drip gel is applied directly to the source of dryness/discomfort for instant relief!

designed for oxygen

Your own body temperature will activate Aquegel's base, exposing encapsulated water & active ingredients! This process continues, one layer at a time, for up to 12-Hours!

long lasting relief




About Us

Our company is family-owned and operates in Westminster, CO.  Aquegel products are proudly hand-made in the USA and have been available since 2003.  We make quality products using only pharmaceutical-grade ingredients.

At Aquegel, we value old-school business principles.  As our customer, you know if we make a mistake OR you aren’t satisfied, we WILL make it right…it’s that simple.

Aquegel’s Nasal Moisturizers are available online and locally in more than 3000 independently owned small businesses (all 50 States). Buy locally and save! Support Small Business

Pharmaceutical Grade


Aquegel Nasal Moisturizer's formula is made to mimic mucopolysaccharides, which is a complex arrangement of natural nasal moisture or in other words – Snot (technically Mucus).  Aquegel contains water, mineral oils, and salt in the same concentration as your body’s mucus, so it is readily absorbed.

We understand the risks of cheap, untested, fillers and chemicals that are used in many other products.  Our company is committed to making the highest quality products.  We source pharmaceutical-grade ingredients which adhere to strict quality control testing. 

all four formulas
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